This place is a life saver. Dr. Cedric and his team are absolutely amazing. I have a new born and time to time I end up tweaking my muscles from sleeping on my side or just from other activities. Dr. Cedric fixes me up every time. The place is clean, the staff are friendly and informative but most importantly, Dr. Cedric is a miracle worker. I have used other chiropractic services and all they do is touch you shoulders, arm and back then tell you to come back in a few weeks. Dr. Cedric works the pain points and finds resolution. The booking process is also extremely easy and helpful. Takes a few seconds once you set up an account. I leave there impressed and relieved every time. I started taking my wife here and have already recommended his place to several friends of mine. You won’t regret it. Thank you Dr. Cedric and the team! I would give you guys more stars if I could.

Anish S.

I haven’t been to a chiropractor for about 10 years and finally got to the point where stretching wasn’t enough for my shoulders and neck. I had my first appointment with Dr. Cedric today and it was great! He is great at letting you know what’s going on with your body and what is out of alignment. It was also a plus to not have to get X-rays and the office staff were super friendly and knowledgeable. The office itself was new and clean and parking was easy behind the building. Grateful to have found a doctor so close to home and will be recommending him and this office to everyone!

Catrina G.

I had the most tremendous experience today at The Function Chiropractic & Wellness! Dr. Cedric and his staff were all extremely inviting and accommodating. Not to mention the quality of service, I feel like Dr. Cedric is very knowledgeable in his craft. I left feeling a lot better physically as well as having a better understanding of my body’s biomechanics and functionality.

Jesse H.

Love coming to The Function! Dr. Melissa Rodriguez takes her time to assess my body and clear any misalignments there may be in my spine. If you want an incredible familial atmosphere, this is your place! Book with Dr. Melissa – she will change your life!

Monique P.

It was my first visit here and it was absolutely mesmerizing. Dr. Vinson helped relieve so much tension from my upper back. He was extremely informative, patient, and caring. Cant wait for my next visit!

Daisy L.

I went to see Dr. Cedric because I was dealing with acute back pain and muscle spasms. After just one adjustment, most of my symptoms were relieved. You can tell from the moment that you walk into the office that he truly cares about each of his patients.

Alyson O.

Oh my goodness!! I haven’t seen a chiropractor in over 10yrs due to my back surgery. (lumbar fusion) the staff there are very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and most of all nonjudgmental. I was super stiff because of fear of injuring myself. Dr. C and his staff made me feel comfortable and gave me the best treatment I have ever had in any doctor’s office I’ve ever been to. A huge thank you to them for the relief of my discomfort.

Mr. C

This place is a 10/10 recommend. Everyone there is magical. From the moment I check-in to the moment I leave it is a positive experience. I commute 45 minutes to this location because they all are worth the drive. Thank you, Function Chiropractic Team!

Rosalba V.

Dr. Cedric is an amazing Chiropractor and I am so grateful for the care I’ve received at The Function! I have scoliosis and I’ve seen many good Chiropractors throughout my life in the various places I’ve lived. Dr. Cedric is one of the most talented and skilled doctors I’ve experienced. His office is well run, all the staff are fantastic, personal and professional. Dr. Melissa is also wonderful and there are excellent massage therapists available too. I highly recommend The Function Chiropractic for improvement in body, mind and spirit.

Wendy L.

Dr. C is amazing! The environment and vibe here is fun, friendly, family and relaxing. He is so knowledgeable about the body and explains why certain things may be happening, and it’s always so fascinating to hear! Thankful to have found an awesome chiropractor and staff here in Hayward!

Phoebe M.

Melissa is amazing! I love her authenticity and warm personality 😃 She has a very thorough and specific approach to chiropractic care which allows her to speed up the healing process of her patients. I would definitely recommend this future doc to my friends and family!

Eva Q.

Melissa is a genuine, knowledgeable person who is sure to help with your healthcare needs! She's an amazing person and chiropractic intern! I highly recommend her!!

Matt D.

It was my first time getting adjusted, so I was a little nervous, but Dr. Vinson made me feel really comfortable every step of the way! He also educated me about the process and made sure I knew what to expect during different parts of the adjustment. He took his time when he adjusted my neck, and explained what he noticed that could be connected to my frequent migraines. I’m grateful that it was a comfortable and gentle experience! Thank you, The Function!

Lauren H.

The Function Chiropractic is off the charts good. I've seen a few chiropractors before, but never stuck with them long(er) term because I didn't really feel like I was getting any better. I have a few sports injuries from working out/heavy lifting and was in a car accident ten years ago and the combination of these includes a lot of discomfort in my upper back and many imbalances overall. I've been seeing Dr. Vinson for a few months now and feel SO much better than when I first started coming to see him. The pain in my back is virtually non-existent and a long term abductor problem is substantially better than it was when I first started seeing him and continues to get better each time! The imbalances that I also felt previously while working out are virtually gone as well (some I didn't even know I had!) I do continue to have new problems pop up here and there and Dr. Vinson is amazing at addressing them each time I see him. I also appreciate that they don't rely on fancy gadgets like many chiropractors seem to do. The knowledge Dr. Vinson (and I'm sure the other chiropractors) have about the body far surpasses any of the fancy gadgets from other offices. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a great chiropractor in the area!

Courtney B.

Dr. Vinson created a very relaxed and welcoming environment. It was my first time getting adjusted and he took time to educate as he worked. He made the whole process feel easy and accessible. I will definitely be coming back for future appointments. Thank you for a great experience!

Nathan J.

Dr. Melissa is at the top of her game. This woman deserves a raise. She is the first person who was able to crack my mid back in over two decades. The rest of her amazing team was able to eliminate my lower back and neck pain over the summer. Their service is second to none. No surgery necessary. Good looking out.

Sam E.
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